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WireFree is committed to an open and positive Internet experience for our customers.  We strive to provide our consumers with accessible, easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs (“Service”).  In addition to not implementing data caps, we promise our customers that there will be:

  • No blocking or discrimination of legal content, applications, services, users or non-harmful devices.
  • No throttling, degradation or impaired access to lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, applications or service, as long as they do not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • No prioritization of traffic over other traffic by techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization or resource reservation.
  • Reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards.  WireFree uses various tools and techniques to manage its network, deliver its service and ensure compliance with the Customer Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy for services.   We do not maintain a separate system to assist with managing times of congestion.
  • Transparency in our customer practices.

The technology we use for delivering high quality services to your household or business is carrier grade wireless technology which is engineered for the maximum amount of up-time and can automatically adapt itself to accommodate for weather.  It is not the same type of wireless found in routers or devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Old: We cover most of Lake Havasu City and certain remote markets. Remote markets are defined as service areas that require additional network infrastructure to extend services outside the main network in Lake Havasu City. Currently there are two remote markets that are served; Havasu Heights and Yucca, AZ.

New: We cover most of Lake Havasu City and 1 remote market.  Remote markets are defined as service areas that require additional network infrastructure to extend services outside the main network in Lake Havasu City.   Currently there is one remote market that are served: Havasu Heights.

We cover most of Lake Havasu City but we won’t know if we can deliver service to your home or business until we go out to do a survey and determine that you can connect to one of our wireless nodes.  Even if someone in your area didn’t get service, it’s possible that you will.  There is no charge to do a survey and no obligation to purchase services even if we can serve your home or business.  If we can’t cover you, we can add your address to a waiting list which can affect where new wireless nodes are added as we continue to expand our service area.

Our services are delivered via fixed wireless, from our wireless nodes to your home or business.  Our professional technicians will install a small wireless subscriber unit on your roof with non-penetrating roof mounts and run a cable through an exterior wall from that unit to an inside router (home) or POE injector (business) which we provide.  For an additional charge, WireFree can customize your installation such as running the new cable through the attic and down an interior wall.

As a customer, you authorize WireFree and its affiliates to install customer access points, premise units, routers, switches, UPS, wiring, mounting brackets, antennae, radios, and the routing of cables including the penetration of exterior walls, as applicable and other equipment (“Service Equipment”).  Professional installation charges are based on WireFree’s standard installation and will be waived under an annual contract term (“Service Term”).  Modification of the standard installation or custom installation requests will be charged on a “time & materials” basis.  WireFree shall retain the title for all Service Equipment and will maintain all Service Equipment during the Service Term.

Depending on your landlord or property manager’s lease agreement, you may need permission to install WireFree services on your roof.   If permission is required, documentation granting install permission must be received from your landlord prior to your installation date or provided to your install technician at the time of installation.

Sorry, modems are designed to work with specific types of service providers. Typically, a modem says DSL or has a coax cable connection on it, it will not work with our services.  For your convenience, WireFree provides a router (home) or POE injector (business) to connect with our services.

You can directly or wirelessly connect your computer, printer and other devices to our router.   Our router works best with interior spaces that are up to 1,600 square feet and that have few interior walls between the router placement and wireless device accessing the router.   In the case of larger interior spaces, we can provide recommendations of wireless solutions that can meet your internet access needs.

WireFree uses carrier-grade subscriber units to connect your home or business to our network.  No phone lines or cable lines are required to connect to our Internet service and cannot be used to deliver our services.  WireFree installs our subscriber units with special shielded Cat5e cable that allows proper grounding of the device.  A small surge protector is installed to ensure proper grounding.  This installation method helps protect your devices from lightning strikes.

We can proudly say no, there are no bandwidth limitations on your Internet service with WireFree.  You can connect your PCs or game consoles in confidence to our low-latency, high speed network.

Please note that hosting commercial services such as websites on residential packages is strictly prohibited and against our Customer Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.  Commercial services may only exist on business packages.

Most home users will not need a Static IP for basic web browsing.  If you require a Static IP for viewing security cameras remotely or to access other systems in your home or require a Static IP for your business, a Static IP can be reserved for a monthly charge of $9.95/per Static IP.  Quantity limitations may apply.

The initial monthly Service fee and activation/installation fees, if applicable, are due at the time of Service installation.  Thereafter, Service fees will be invoiced monthly upon the monthly anniversary, from the date of initial installation/activation.  The customer has the option to select from an electronic bill delivered by email at no cost or a mailed paper bill for a monthly surcharge of $1.00.  Monthly Service rates are inclusive of all taxes and fees.

WireFree currently accepts check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) payments on customer accounts.  For convenience, a customer can elect to setup their account on autopay, whereby the monthly Service fees are automatically charged to the customer credit card on file.  A late fee equal to the greater of 1.5% or $5.00 will be assessed on a monthly basis for any account balance which remains past due for a period of more than 30 days.

WireFree services are not available in all areas.   Actual speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on number of devices connected, network traffic and local node utilization.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

When choosing a Service plan WireFree recommends utilizing the Internet speed guide provided below in making your decision.  Compare your typical online activities with the aggregation of the minimum download speed (Megabits per second, or Mbps) needed for each application with our residential and business offerings.  Please note that minimum download speeds are based on running one activity at a time and are provided as rough estimates required in running typical user applications.



Activity Minimum Download Speed (Mbps)
General Usage
General Browsing and Email 1 – 2
Streaming Online Radio Less than 0.5
VoIP Calls Less than 0.5
File Downloading 5 – 8
Social Media 1
Watching Video
Streaming Standard Definition Video 3 – 4
Streaming High Definition (HD) Video 5 – 8
Video Conferencing
Standard Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype) 1
HD Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype) 1.5
Game Console Connecting to the Internet 3
Online Multiplayer 4

WireFree provides internet access to its customers by means of a fixed wireless system (“Network”).  The WireFree Network allows for the following performance and reliability in delivering our Service:

  • Availability – WireFree’s goal is to provide 100% network availability and commits to 99% network availability.  Network Availability is measured by averaging sample measurements taken during each month of service between our customer’s premise and WireFree’s Edge Routers.
  • Latency – Average round-trip transmission latency of 60 milliseconds or less between our customer’s premise and WireFree’s Edge Routers across the WireFree Backbone.  Latency is measured by averaging sample measurements taken during each month of service between the customer’s premise and WireFree’s Edge Routers.
  • Packet Loss – Delivery of data packets at 99% or greater reliability between our customer’s premise and WireFree’s Edge Routers across the WireFree Backbone.  Packet delivery is measured by averaging sample measurements taken during each month of service between the customer premise and WireFree’s Edge Routers.
  • Committed Information Rate – WireFree’s goal is to provide equal to or greater than contracted Committed Information Rate (CIR).  WireFree commits to provide CIR on a best effort basis.  The CIR is measured at the customer’s premise and WireFree’s Network Modem/POE interface.
  • Network Maintenance – Planned network maintenance will generally occur during the standard maintenance window of 3 am through 5 am.

Upon notification of your intention to terminate WireFree’s Services, we will come out and remove all Service Equipment.  All equipment shall be returned to WireFree in good working condition.  Service Equipment which is not returned in good working order or which is not returned to WireFree, will be charged to the customer account at current replacement costs.

An early termination charge of $99.95 (residential) and $149.95 (business) will be assessed for all accounts terminating Service prior to the conclusion of the Service Term.

By using the WireFree Service, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as set forth in WireFree’s Customer Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.  Please see the Terms & Policies link at the bottom of this Web page.

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